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Mia’s Family History Blog is split into three categories; Hints and Tips for Family History Research; Mia’s Family; and Mia’s Genealogy Journey.

‘Hints and Tips for Family History Research’ will share research techniques and useful sources that I discover or remember as I conduct my research or I am helping others in their research. This will include how I use the tools available for analysing DNA results. Hopefully others will be able to learn and be able to apply the hints and tips to their own research.

‘Mia’s Family’ are posts related to my own family. I will use this to share the research I have done into my family with my relations. I will include information, photos and stories. This category will also include posts that I make as part of the #52Ancestors challenge. The challenge is provided by Amy Johnson Crow who provides a theme each week to help inspire writing about our ancestors.

‘Mia’s Genealogy Journey’ provides an insight into my own adventures while progressing my genealogy research and skills. I will talk about events I attend, experiences I have and other things that are progressing my genealogy journey.

Some of the posts (prior to February 2019) were originally posted on my previous blogs at Amelia’s Family Tree Café and Amelia’s #52Ancestors. Some of the posts have been copied across exactly but some have had small changes to improve the information with the addition of extra photos and links. In some cases, they have also been updated to match the current information available and the latest layout of websites that are quoted.

In addition, I have written a number of guest posts for other blogs. These can be found here.

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