Genealogy Service

Genealogy Services

I provide a number of genealogy services. These include:

  • analysis of DNA results;
  • finding unknown parents;
  • family history research;
  • family history talks;
  • facilitating family history workshops;
  • one-to-one advice including DNA;
  • archive look-ups; and
  • verification of research.

More detail about each service is presented below. The cost of each task is different dependent on a number of factors so please contact me for a quote for the work (see About for details). In addition, for DNA Analysis work I have partnered with Kathy Wilshaw (another professional genealogist) to offer a more streamlined service – see more details on the About page.

DNA Analysis

Have you taken a DNA test but now do not know how to interpret the results? Do you have a specific research problem and you want to find out how to use DNA to help progress it? I am experienced at interpreting DNA results and combining them with traditional family history research to identify your genetic family tree. If you need help to use the clues in your DNA to support your family history research, let me know so we can arrange a consultation session (contact details on About).

Unknown Parentage

Are you an adoptee or do not know one or both of your parents? Have you had an unexpected result from your DNA test? I can use your DNA results combined with family history research to identify your birth family. Although there is no guarantee that the exact birth parent(s) can be found, insights into your background is possible. It is advised that you have an intermediary to support any contact with birth family that is found. If you are an adoptee in England or Wales, the intermediary must be part of an Ofsted registered adoption service.

Family History Research

Whether you have done no research into your family or you are well progressed, I can help provide research to discover more about your ancestors. I have over twenty-four years of experience researching my own and other people’s family histories.

I have access to the leading online providers as well as a number of archives around the UK. My expertise is in English research, however, I also have experience with research into Welsh, Scottish, Irish, American, Canadian, Indian (British Colonial), Australian and New Zealand records. I have experience using a range of sources from the basics of parish registers and censuses to more advanced records of poor law and non-conformist records. In particular, I am familiar with the complexity of English probate records.

I am happy to review your research question whether big or small and provide you with a quote for any work you would like me to do. Alternatively we can arrange an initial consultation to discuss your research needs. Contact me via the form on the About page.


I am able to provide talks on various subjects regarding family history. I am happy to develop a course to suit your needs or alternatively you can choose from talks that I have already developed and can be adapted to your needs.

Subjects for talks include a range of DNA topics, beginners talks, occupations, and website sources. Full details of the available talks are provided on Talks and Workshops.

Talks can be provided in person or online. I can provide my own projector or Zoom account depending on your needs.


I have experience facilitating workshops that allow a group of people to interact sharing their own experiences as well as learning from each other and from me.

For ‘Beginners’ workshops, this is a chance to learn basics and ask questions as well as to share stories about your family that you may want to investigate further. These can also be themed such as the Census workshop that has been developed for Family Tree Live in 2019.

For ‘Brickwall’ workshops, we take a few brickwalls from the attendees and collectively the group provides ideas and insights from their own experiences to help break down the brickwall. These are fun, interactive sessions where all attendees contribute and learn while also getting the pleasure of helping others.

For ‘DNA’ workshops, it is an opportunity to ask questions about the different types of tests and the testing companies. They also allow people to share their experiences of using DNA testing for family history.

If you would like to arrange a workshop for your group or event, please contact me via the form on the About page.

One-to-One Advice

Are you stuck on how to progress a piece of research or how to analyse some DNA results? However, you want to learn how to do it for yourself rather than ask a researcher to do the work for you. Then sign up for one-to-one advice sessions. During the session, I can talk you through tools and techniques to try to solve your problem. Using Zoom, there is the potential to share screens so I can talk through the steps required to use websites and find the information you need. I can give pointers for where to look next or new techniques to use. These can also be run in small groups if you are working collaboratively with someone else.

You can book a one-off session or a series of consultations that can be spaced to allow you time to follow the advice in the previous session and then build on the learning gained. If you would like to arrange a one-to-one consultation, please contact me via the form on the About page.

Archive Look-ups

If you are conducting your own research (or on behalf of your client) and have identified items that need to be looked up and copied (subject to archive rules), I have access to Gloucester Heritage Hub, Bristol Archives and the Society of Genealogists in London. I will also highlight in the Information section when I am travelling to other archives and can provide look-ups. If you need information from another archive in England, please contact me to find out the timescales and costs associated with my accessing an archive specifically for you.


My main career has been in nuclear safety engineering which has included the need to always verify any work that has been done. There is always a benefit of a second pair of eyes looking at work to provide a level of assurance that the research is as accurate as possible.

If you have already conducted research and you want an independent verification of the work or a specific aspect of the work, I am happy to provide this service. I am also willing to do proof reading of reports or articles. My need to pay attention to detail as part of my engineering job (you cannot afford to get nuclear safety wrong!) stands me in good stead for performing this type of work.