Good start to 2021

After a strange but successful 2020 for my genealogy life, I am looking forward to a busy 2021. The year starts off with client work and a number of online talks.

If you want to learn about DNA, my beginners course is being run again at the Society of Genealogists. The first part is for people who have not yet taken a test and want to find out what they could learn from DNA to help their family history research. Sign up for Part 1 here on 16 January.

Part 2 moves onto how to look at your results when you have taken a test. It will show you how to find the information that you need to start using your DNA results to aid your family history research. Sign up for Part 2 here on 23 January.

Part 3 teaches techniques for analysing your DNA results and learning how to use them to solve mysteries or confirm the research you have already done. Sign up for Part 3 here on 6 February.

If you fancy learning about family history resources that are freely available but not so often used, I am giving my ‘Hidden in Plain Site’ talk to the Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group on 18 January. Even if you are not a member, you can sign up for the talk for £3 here.

Moving into February, I will be taking part in the Family History Show. I will be giving a talk to help people explore their family history in the collections at The Genealogist. I will also be providing advice as part of the Census Detectives and taking part in the Q&A session. Book here for the show taking place on 20 February.

At the end of February, I am taking part in the biggest family history conference in the world which is going online this year. RootsTech Connect will run over the weekend of 25-27 February and is free so sign up here. My talk along with hundreds of others will be able to view. The talk is a quick look at Occupations and the records available to help your research. It is part of a series of talks prepared by the Society of Genealogists.

In other news, I continue to be involved in the exciting times at Society of Genealogists. Keep an eye on the website for information about our Transformation Programme.

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