Mia (Amelia) Bennett

Hi! I’m Mia Bennett (although formally I’m Amelia). I have been researching my family history for over 25 years and I have been a trustee of the Society of Genealogists (SoG) for over five years. I am an Associate of AGRA.

I followed in my ancestor’s footsteps as an engineer but now I love using my analysis skills to investigate the fascinating world of my, and others’, relatives.

I carry out DNA analysis for family history, run brickwall workshops, provide advice at family history shows, have volunteered in the SoG library and give talks on DNA and family history. I particularly enjoy carrying out consultations on DNA and more traditional family history via Zoom and in person (once safe again).

I am studying for a Higher Certificate in Genealogy at the IHGS. I’m an alumni of the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy and have travelled internationally to meet others who share my passion. Science is at the fore with my interest in using DNA to solve genealogical mysteries.

I am based in Gloucestershire and have easy access to the Gloucestershire Heritage Hub (archives). Also, I have relatively easy access to Bristol Archives. Due to my connection with the Society of Genealogists, I’m regularly in their library in London.

A list of talks and workshops that I am giving is presented on the Information page. Events that I am attending are listed there too. More information about my personal genealogical journey, including opportunities that I have taken to further my knowledge, is captured on my blog.

Mia Genealogy

My genealogy services are under the name ‘Mia Genealogy’. Although I had a blog called Family Tree Cafe and the associated website, this was not available for commercial reasons. The ethos of Family Tree Cafe remains as one of the things I love most about family history and genealogy is sharing it with other people. There is a joy and thrill to share with people who love researching families and telling the stories we discover. The long term aim remains to set up meet-ups for people passionate about family history in a relaxed, social environment. So I look forward to gatherings in a ‘cafe’ style environment – although it would be just as possible to meet up in pubs or other locations.

I want to use this website as a way of sharing my own research with my family and friends old and new. I am writing blogs that will hopefully help others to do their own research as well as sharing my stories along the way.

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