Albert Josiah BENNETT


Albert Josiah BENNETT was my paternal grandfather’s father. He was born on 26 August 1873 at Slades Green, Crayford, Kent1. His parents were Alfred BENNETT and Naomi TUFFS. He married Florence RICHARDS on 1 July 1899 at Cowes Wesleyan Chapel, Isle of Wight, Hampshire2. They had four children however sadly one (Alfred Joseph Albert BENNETT) died when young. After his wife died, Albert Josiah moved to Hampshire with his daughters, Christine Lydia BENNETT and Florence Ellen HOLT (nee BENNETT). Albert died on 5 May 1954 at Naish Farm, New Milton, Hampshire3.

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Albert Josiah Bennett (1873-1954)
Albert Josiah BENNETT (1873-1954)


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