Family History by Percy James Bennett (2)

My paternal grandfather Percy James BENNETT enjoyed writing down his history. I have two versions – a long detailed versions that will gradually get transcribed and reported here – and a shorter version which I have reproduced here. He wrote it in a number of sections by person presented here in three parts. His words are in italics while my notes providing additional information are in normal font.

Part Two – Percy James BENNETT

I was born at Albion Road, Bexleyheath in 1912. I was educated at Upton College Prep School and later at Bromley County School for Boys Bromley Kent.

I failed to matriculate (French was my weakness) but had a very good cricket coach an ex-Worcester County Amateur. I played rugger and enjoyed cross country running.

After obtaining my Diploma at Chelsea Poly as you know I worked for Dad and then got a job as motor mechanic with Ideal Homes Ltd (the firm for whom Dad sold houses) as they had had their own transport dept and helped maintain trucks and cars.

Percy James Bennett (far right) at Chelsea Polytechnic

Jobs were difficult to find during the depression in the 30s but I did get a job with Alford and Alder combining the manufacture of brake parts as a automatic machine minder and later had charge of an assembly line.

In 1937 I joined CAV-Bosch Limited as metallurgist and heat treatment specialist. On declarations of War, the Bosch part of CAV was dropped and became Lucas.

In 1939, the Chief Engineer of Lucas interviewed me and wanted me to join a team in Birmingham to develop some secret project which turned out to be the Jet Engine Fuel System.

´╗┐Joan and I were to be married in Spring 1940 but we advanced this and were married in Sept 1939 and she joined me in Birmingham.

Percy James BENNETT and Joan Ethel Blanche LEGGATT were married on 16 September 1939 at St John’s Church, Bromley, Kent.

In 1942 came back to London and worked at CAV Aston. Joan got a job as secretary to Curator at Kew Gardens and we lived in a flat at Turnham Green near Chiswick.

In 1945 we came back to Birmingham and lived at Overlea Ave and the rest you know.´╗┐

Part one covers Albert Josiah BENNETT (Percy’s father). Part three covers Florence RICHARDS (Percy’s mother).

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