Family History by Percy James Bennett (3)

My paternal grandfather Percy James Bennett enjoyed writing down his history. I have two versions – a long detailed versions that will gradually get transcribed and reported here – and a shorter version which I have reproduced here. He wrote it in a number of sections by person presented here in three parts. His words are in italics while my notes providing additional information are in normal font.

Part Three – Florence RICHARDS

Your grandmother was born in Cowes Isle of Wight. I can’t remember her until they moved to Boscombe and we had Holidays there every year staying at the same boarding house called Broughty Ferry in Sea Road. Chris and Fodge remember more about grandmother. I know she told me that mother often saw the Queen (Victoria) while she was staying at Carrisbroke Castle. Chris also tells me that they used to watch all the royalty and important and rich people come and go from the Royal Yacht Squadron during Cowes Week.

Florence RICHARDS was born on 10 April 1876 on Mill Hill, West Cowes, Isle of Wight1.

Grandmother married Joseph Richards and had 3 daughters. My mother, Aunt Ellen and another I didn’t know. Aunt Ellen married James Hunt and he became Secretary to John Samuel White’s shipyard at Cowes. James Hunt was TuTu’s father and I also had cousins Wilfred and Albert.

‘Grandmother’ was Ellen SCOTT and she married Joseph RICHARDS on 13 March 1873 at the Wesleyan Chapel Freemantle, Southampton, Hampshire2. They only had two daughters (Florence and Lydia Bertha (remembered as ‘Aunt Ellen’ by Percy)) and a son (Percy John). Lydia married James HUNT on 27 July 1897 at Northwood, Cowes, Isle of Wight3. They had four children Wilfred, Ellen Mary, Hubert Richards and Edith Bertha (known as TuTu).

Florence Bennett (nee Richards) with her children Florence, Percy and Christine
Florence Bennett (nee Richards) with her children Florence, Percy and Christine

Part one covers Albert Josiah BENNETT (Florence’s husband). Part two covers Percy James BENNETT himself.


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