Nottinghamshire Parish Registers on SoG Data Online

There are now over 90 parishes included in the collection of Nottinghamshire Parish Register Transcriptions on SoG Data Online. There is a mixture of christenings, marriages and burials. The exact coverage for each parish is dependent on the progress with the transcription noting more is added on a regular basis. These are being transcribed by John Mellors from microfiche of the original registers available at the SoG library.

The full list of parishes and their coverage can be found in the pdf on the website at

As an example of the coverage, five parishes are described below:

  • Keyworth – C 1813-1896; M 1754-1901
  • Kneeton – C 1739-1901; M 1754-1899; B 1739-1811
  • Lambley – M 1754-1901
  • Langford – C 1737-1901; M 1754-1907; B 1737-1812
  • Laxton – C 1728-1901; M 1754-1901; B 1728-1901

The coverage of the original registers are:

  • Keyworth – C 1653-1901; M 1716-1901; B 1654-1900
  • Kneeton – C 1591-1901; M 1591-1885, 1896-1899; B 1591-1903
  • Lambley – CM 1652-1901; B 1652-1902
  • Langford – CB 1669-1901; M 1669-1907
  • Laxton – CMB 1563-1901

C=Christenings; M=Marriages; B=Burials

The SoG are always looking for volunteers in various capacities including transcriptions. There are opportunities on site as per John Mellors’ work however we also have projects that allow you to work from the comfort of your own home. For more details on volunteering opportunities, please contact or see

I wrote this blog originally for the Society of Genealogists and it was published in 2016. It is no longer accessible on the SoG website so I have updated it and published it here.

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